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Create interactive mobile activities using mix'n'match templates

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Set up a class. Invite anyone. Publish activities

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Do the activities on iOS, Android or online

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Review answers, download results, write comments and send reports.

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Making mobile easy and more accessible for everyone
Making mobile easy and more accessible for everyone

Instead of having to find that perfect app or software developer, you can now create your very own interactive mobile activities within minutes and publish to others to do through the KO-SU app on their mobile devices.

It is the essential new tool for teachers or trainers wanting to engage learners through mobile technology, or for organisations that want to capture feedback on-the-go. "KO-SU" provides the flexibility to use mobile technology in the way that makes most sense for the mobile context.


Teachers around the world are being 'digital pioneers' and experimenting with how mobile technology can be incorporated into their classrooms to help learning outcomes. Through KO-SU they can create their own activities in their own native languages.

Blended Learning

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Middle school teachers in Oman are using KO-SU to deliver intervention excercises direct to their students' mobile devices. Their mobile learning program was award winning in their national competition for digital innovation in education.


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Elsewhere, students are being given the opportunity to create and publish their own mobile learning activities. This peer-based learning promotes understanding and creativity.


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