Golf Clash Tips and Tricks 2019

Golf clash tips and tricks

Are you looking to break into the professional circuit in Golf Clash?

Well, you can always check Pro Tips and Tricks of Golf Clash which will help you achieve your dream of getting into the pro league.

As you all know Golf Clash is the game of the year in 2018 (an award given by Mobile Games)

And it also receives TIGA award for the best mobile game. Golf Clash has more than 10 Million verified installs from Google Play.

With more and more players joining the Golf Clash, it becomes very difficult to compete with them without any Golf Clash hack.

We recommend using these following strategies for Golf Clash to join PRO league.

Tips and Tricks of Golf Clash

1. Familiar with Golf Course

Whenever you have decided to participate in the PRO league, the first thing which you should know is the Golf Course. There are many Golf Course, and you should be familiar with them before any game starts.

Getting familiar with Golf Course is like getting to know all nook and corner of your gaming fields. You should know how your Golf course design is and how your ball will behave in all those terrains.

We recommend you all to familiarized with all 28 Golf Course present in the Golf Clash so that you did not get a last-minute surprise.

Many Golf Course behave differently when you take shot, you need to practice in all the Golf course to become familiar. You should know all the high ground and low ground with pits and other game hinderance with all the Golf Course.

2. Read some books or article for knowing your Golf Clubs

Golf Clash is simulating a game of Golf, and you should know all the clubs available to you in Golf Game. To become familiar with the Golf game, read some article or books on Golf Clubs.

There are more than 07 different types of Golf Clubs in Golf Clash. You should be familiarized with all of them and should know exactly which Golf Clubs is used for which situation.

You need to know all the category of the Golf Clubs which are present in the game for winning any game. If you don’t want to learn the basic of Golf, then there is no point of playing Golf Clash.

Golf Clash is designed in such a way that new players interacting with these games will start learning a different aspect of the game. As this game will stimulate all your action and shots, you should know which club need to use on which situation.

3. Practice the perfect shot

In the end, Golf Clash is a mobile game and help you achieve perfect shot by giving many hints. You need to time your shot to get a bullseye in Golf Clash.

You need to angle the needle in the middle of the bull’s eye to make it perfect Golf shot. As this game is played on mobile, it will give you all the options which will not present in the actual game.

You need to the particle to put the needle in the middle of the bull’s eye and need to have good Golf Club to hit the perfect shot.

4. Upgrade your Golf Club

Golf clash is the game of investment; you need to spend money to get ahead of your competition.

You need to constantly upgrade your Golf Club to meet new challenges. Golf Club has many attributes which help you steer your Golf Ball with ease.

If you compare the free Golf Club you get in the beginning; you cannot reach much further with that raw Golf Club. You need to upgrade your Golf Club to get these attributes

  • Power
  • Top Spin
  • Accuracy
  • Back Spin
  • Curl
  • Ball Guide

Spend coins to upgrade your Golf Club if you want to survive any challenges.

Final words

So, these are the top 04 tips and tricks of Golf Clash which you can use to get into the top PRO league of Golf Clash.