Plans and Pricing

  • Basic

    Perfect for product evaluation
  • FREE
  • 1 class
  • Unlimited
    activities and invitations
  • Regular

    Perfect for moderate use
  • £5 / month
  • 2 classes
  • Unlimited
    activities and invitations
  • Pro

    Perfect for heavy use
  • £25 / month 1 month FREE
  • Unlimited classes
  • Unlimited
    activities and invitations

A KO-SU School Licence provides all the flexibility that a school and its teachers require to incorporate mobile technology into everyday use within a school:

  • Pro accounts available for all teachers and students to create and publish.
  • Unlimited invites for parents and the wider community to join on KO-SU.
  • Unlimited number of classes and activities.
  • Ability to write personalised feedback and reports for students, as well as download reports and results.
  • 2 free training sessions with the KO-SU team.
  • 3 month free trial period, with no obligation to renew at the end of the free trial period.
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If as an organisation you are looking for mobile activities to deploy either internally or as part of your external offering, at KO-SU we can put together a custom package to meet your requirements.

Some of the potential ways that KO-SU can support:

  • Micro-learning for internal training, including compliance, health & safety, etc
  • Induction exercises to engage new employees to explore their surrounds and meet colleagues
  • Incorporating into external training offerings by way of value-add activities within workshops and to capture responses
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