Toon Blast Strategy To Top Leaderboard

Toon Blast strategy

Toon Blast becomes the most successful Game in 3-puzzle category; it has more than 50 million installs with over $300 Million revenue.

If you check Toon Blast, then you will come to know that it did not do anything uncommon, but its growth is term as a phenomenon.

With more than $300 Million marks in 2019, Toon Blast has reached its pinnacle where no other 3-puzzle game has reached.

So, we have investigated some of the Toon Blast Popular strategy which you should implement to get ahead of the competition.

Strategy which makes Toon Blast most popular game

Tip #1 Easy to clear, Difficult to Master

Toon Blast has some of the best features included, which makes this game easy to clear but difficult to master. In this game, you need to match 03 similar color cube to get’s its eliminated from the puzzle board.

Now, normally all 3-puzzle game are similar in design, but what makes this game unique is the levels. If you are a novice then also you can clear many levels without any hassle with good cubes being a toss-up to your puzzle board.

The real challenge came when you reach level 12, after that you need to focus on many thinks to get your level clear.

Tip #2 Introduction of Combos to clear levels

Toon Blast has 03 Combos which are used to clear any levels. Combos can be made matching 05 similar color cubes. Each combo has some unique attributes which help in getting your level clear.

  • Rocket: this combo can clear whole row or column and can be made with matching 05 similar cubes
  • Bomb: this combo can clear all adjacent cubes and can be made with matching 07 cubes of the same color
  • Disco Ball: This combo can clear all the similar-looking color cube from the puzzle board and can be made using 09 tiles of a similar cube

Always remember, combos are free to make and requires little imagination and patience, and it can clear your level with ease.

Tip #3 Introduction of Booster to clear levels

Toon Blast has 04 special Booster which can be used to clear any levels.

Booster is different from combos; these are game items which are external and can be used only once.

Types of the booster in Toon Blast are as follows

  • Hammer
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Anvil
  • Dice Booster

Tip #4 Introduction of Joining Team to get free lives

If you are joining any team, then you can ask for “free lives.” These are the special bonus of joining any team.

You can receive free lives which can help you clear any level in the game. When players donate free lives, the game also rewards them with game coins.

So, joining any team is the great strategy which you need to follow to get free lives.

Final words

Toon Blast game is the no1 game in its 3-puzzle game due to its implementation of various things which other game did not provide. You can use all the popular strategy of Toon Blast to get ahead of the competition.